These 33 Parents Really Know How To Embarrass Their Kids


We love our parents! They keep us fed, keep a roof over our heads, and are often our biggest supporters in good times and in bad.

But they are also the worst. It’s like they’ve got a sixth sense about just what to say and do to make sure we’ve never felt more mortified… and these parents know how to embarrass their kids better than anyone.

1. He always had a feeling that Duke was their favorite.desktop-1425585297

2. When we do it, we get grounded. When they do it, it’s hilarious.desktop-1425585298

3. Technology is hard for dads.desktop-1425585300

4. When your mom is cooler than you are.desktop-1425585301

5. I don’t even want to know how long this took them.desktop-1425585303

6. Parents + cellphone + helpless dog = This classic goof.desktop-1425585304

7. Revenge is sweet.desktop-1425585306

8. Say it with cake.desktop-1425585307

9. Moms always be punnin’.desktop-1425585308

10. The joke is there is no top drawer.desktop-1425585310

11. What’s seen cannot be unseen.desktop-1425585311

12. I hope they tipped that baker!desktop-1425585313

13. And now she’ll continue to have nightmares.desktop-1425585314

14. Do as I say, not as I do.desktop-1425585316

15. Why dads shouldn’t be allowed to Internet.desktop-1425585317

16. Because the only thing scarier than Jar Jar Binks is Jar Jar Binks with a knife in your shower.desktop-1425585319

16. He’s all that and a bag of chips.desktop-1425585320

17. My heeeeeeeart!desktop-1425585322

18. I can’t even do that!desktop-1425585324

19. This is why no one I date is allowed to meet my mom.desktop-1425585325

20. Good one, pops.desktop-1425585327

21. The biggest awkward.desktop-1425585329

22. Next time, splurge on a cat sitter.desktop-1425585330-1

23. Selfies do not work that way.

24. Uncool… but slightly funny.desktop-1425585335

25. Reeeeeal funny guys.desktop-1425585337

26. It’s the thought that counts.desktop-1425585338

27. Can this gorilla please be my new bestie?desktop-1425585340

28. Slam! You just got parented. desktop-1425585342

29. The only thing better than a tough mom is a tough hilarious mom.desktop-1425585344

30. This is actually not a terrible idea.desktop-1425585345

31. All of the nope.desktop-1425585347

32. There is a time and a place for selfies. Dads need to learn.desktop-1425585294

33. “Sponge” cake! desktop-1425585296

Good job, other people’s parents! These pictures also make me eternally grateful that my parents really don’t understand how the Internet works. I’m safe… for now!

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