32 Selfies That Will Put Your Pictures To Shame


I always thought my selfie game was pretty tight. But as I just learned, there are some folks who really know what they’re doing. The next time you snap a selfie, remember these epic examples.

1. I guess if you survive a plane crash, getting your phone wet doesn’t seem like a big deal.


2. Meanwhile you’re probably like this… Time to invest in a camera with a selfie mode!


3. Then you can start grabbing pics like these. It’s like a rave… only terrifying and in a plane.


4. Think your friends are cool? This guy’s friend is a giraffe!


5. Pro Tip: Always check your surroundings.


6. Note to self: get a cooler grandma. 


7. I don’t know who’s happier here: Brad Paisley or the people he’s trolling.7outrageous-selfies

8. Remember that time Ellen’s Oscar selfie broke the internet?


9. He thought he’d just get a quick pic before the train arrived.9outrageous-selfies

10. Zombies <3 selfies.

11. This selfie is so hot it’s on fire. (But actually, that is a volcano.)11outrageous-selfies

12. Let’s be real: portraits were just selfies for the wealthy and lazy.13outrageous-selfies

13. This brave Pinterest-failer sharing her shame wins.14-outrageous-selfies

14. That mom is all of us.15-outrageous-selfies

15. I feel like maybe using both hands is a good call here.16-outrageous-selfies

16. Well his mom did say she wanted proof he mowed the lawn…17-outrageous-selfies

17. In space, no one can hear you selfie.18-outrageous-selfies

18. When she’s done giving birth, this high school teacher will be delighted that her contractions were captured in her student’s epic selfie.19-outrageous-selfies

19. It’s good she took this photo, because she is not going to remember anything.20-outrageous-selfies

20. The best bathtub selfie ever?21-outrageous-selfies

21. Who could resist?22-outrageous-selfies

22. This is less of a selfie and more of a love letter to Apple.23-outrageous-selfies

23. The only thing better than time travel are dads with no time for your shenanigans.24-outrageous-selfies

24. Ladies and gentlemen: the first selfie.25-outrageous-selfies

25. Smile for the birdie. 26-outrageous-selfies

26. On the top of the world!27-outrageous-selfies

27. This baby wins EVERYTHING!28-outrageous-selfies

28. He may be slow, but he’s a selfie master.29-outrageous-selfies

39. George Harrison makes a selfie look like art.30-outrageous-selfies

30. Top Gun-style selfie! 31-outrageous-selfies

31. His GF got in on the action, too!32-outrageous-selfies

How outrageous are these? They certainly put my Facebook profile pic to shame!

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