20 Breathtaking Animal Rescues To Brighten Your Day


We humans like to think that animals have things all figured out, but the reality is that sometimes even the smartest animal can get into a bit of trouble. When that happens, their only hope is a helping human hand to get them out of harm’s way and back on their feet again.

1. This piglet named Chris P. Bacon was born without the ability to use his back legs. A local vet made him this wheelie system to help him get around so he wouldn’t be put to sleep.


2. This biologist ran after a giant black bear who fell into the water after being struck with a tranquilizer dart. He saved the big guy from drowning, and an onlooker caught the whole thing on camera.


3. These American soldiers took time out from the battle of Okinawa to care for this abandoned baby goat.

4. This sickly baby elephant grew strong again with the help of all these kind strangers.


5. These men from Norway risked their own lives to save this tiny lamb!


6. This poor bird collapsed out of a tree when the weather got too hot. A neighbor let him cool off in a refreshing bath.


7. This fox was caught in a fierce river, but two men jumped in and hauled him to safety.


8. A woman in China loves dogs so much she spends all of her money feeding the local strays.


9. This young boy risked his own life to save this baby deer from the flooding rivers in Bangladesh. 


10. Careful to make assimilation possible when they’re older, these scientists dress as pandas to keep human contact with the babies to a minimum.


11. This boy carried his beloved dog around on his back during the rainy season.


12. She nearly choked to death on flood waters, but she was desperate to keep this puppy safe.


13. Using teamwork, this smart duo banded together to save this dog.


14. This firefighter and this koala shared a bonding moment after surviving a vicious forest fire.


15. Being an MMA fighter doesn’t just mean busting skulls in the ring. This professional spotted a dolphin stuck in the shallows and carried it back out to the deep.


16. This cop spent his day helping make way for ducklings!


17. This tough Aussie rescued a small kangaroo from drowning.


18. When this porpoise got caught in a rice field, this kind man helped return him to deeper waters.


19. When this baby Howler monkey damaged his arm, this vet was there to nurse him back to health.


20. This man guided a mother cat and her kittens safely to shore.


It’s amazing to see just how much people are willing to put on the line when it comes to animals. If this doesn’t restore your faith in humanity, I don’t know what will.

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